The next Real Option Workshop – ROW17 will be held in October 2017 at Lappeenranta University of Technology in Lappeenranta, Finland. The specific dates are the 4th and the 5th of October, 2017.

ROW17 will continue on the footsteps of ROW15 and will be organized to act as a platform for the real option research community to share their ideas and research on real options and other topics relevant to real options.

The workshop theme is “Managing innovations” – this is closely related to real options, as innovations are “projects” that typically include a lot of potential, for the analysis of which real options is known to bring a lot to the table. Also decision-making and management analytics issues connected to innovation management are included in the workshop – this means that the scope of the workshop includes also “disciplines outside the real option research” such as operations research and decision-making research.

As the case has been previously,  both theoretical and application-oriented abstracts / presentations are welcome within the scope of the workshop theme. The workshop is doctoral student friendly and also work-in-progress can be presented. This time only abstract submission is required and there will be a short proceedings of abstracts published. There will be possibilities for publication of full papers within the workshop theme in connected edited volumes.

Simultaneously with the workshop a larger international conference on TRIZ is organized (TRIZ Future Conference) at LUT. TRIZ is a methodology for systematic innovation – the connection between the conference and the workshop theme is hence quite clear. The workshop collaborates, but is not officially a part of the conference – participants from the TRIZ conference may however freely participate in the workshop.

The workshop is organized in collaboration with the North-European Society of Adaptive and Intelligent Systems (NSAIS) and is endorsed by the Finnish Operations Research Society (FORS).